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Thermal Covers

Thermal Cover

Thermal covers, commonly called bubble covers, are designed to utilise the sun's rays to gradually warm the entire pool. These covers float on the surface of the water, bubble side down, and are trimmed to fit all pool sizes and shapes.

Thermal covers can be accessorised with rollup stations and wind protection devices.
When used correctly, they have several benefits:

  • A longer swimming season - water temperature is 6 to 8° C warmer which extends the season. Temperatewater makes for a more enjoyable summer/peak swimming season too.
  • Heat Retention - for heated pools, a thermal cover is the most effective way to prevent heat loss into the atmosphere. It also protects against overnight drops in temperature, and solar panels and heat pumps are notably more effective.
  • Reduces Evaporation - because they are in direct contact with the water, thermal covers reduce evaporationby as much as 90%.
  • Convenience - the cover forms a barrier to avoid dirt and debris collecting in the water so the water is kept cleaner and pool maintenance is reduced.
  • Environmental Benefits - thermal covers reduce the carbon footprint of the swimming pool by using less energy to heat and clean the pool. The cover is water-wise too, given the resultant and significant reduction in evaporation. Chlorine dissipates in sunlight but with a thermal cover, such greenhouse gas emissions are reduced too.
  • Financial - noteworthy household savings are made on power, chemicals and water.

    Types of Thermal Covers

We have a variety of thermal covers to suit different types of pools and individual requirements. The thermals range, ranked in order of heating properties, includes:

Sol+Guard – harnesses the sun's energy to give warmer water, better heat retention and longer swimming seasons.
  • Thermal Imported available as Geobubble – give warmer water, enhanced heat retention, less chemical input and lower evaporation rates.
  • Solarweave – for high use pools eg gyms and schools.
  • EnergyGuard – for the eco-conscious pool owner looking to lessen the environmental impact of their pool and make household savings on power, water and chemical costs
  • CoolGuard – a reflective cover that provides cooler water in pools in hot, tropical climates where air and water temperatures are similar.

    For more detailed information and material specifications, please refer to the PDF download:
    Product Comparison Table