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Standard Pool Cover

Standard Solid Pool covers is the traditional way of covering a swimming pool to keep out leaves, dust, seeds and pets. It has however never been safe to keep children out of the pool. Other reasons include winterising the pool to save water,
chemicals, retain heat and shortening pool pump running time.

Our standard pool covers are manufactured in our own factory using only 1st Grade, 600 Gsm Nylon PVC which is blue on top and black on the inside, mainly to curb algae growth while the cover is on the pool.

Fixing onto the pool surround are done by the standard plate and hook system, where the stainless steel plate is fixed by Hilty's to the pool surround, a stainless steel hook which is attached to the cover through a brass eyelet then hooks onto the plate.

Please remember that water(rain- and irrigation-) will always accumulate on the cover and it is in your best interest to drain this water off the cover before removing from the pool. Although these covers can take the weight of two adults it is not advised to walk over or play on it as it could be damaged or you could be injured.

Depending on usage these covers has a lifespan of up to 8 years with a factory guarantee of 1 year.

Contact us - for a quote on full installation or a DIY kit.