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Child & Pet Safety Covers

This cover conforms to international safety standards as it supports the weight of two adults and a child. The Child & Pet Safety Cover does away with hooks and eyelets, making it easy to install and remove.

  • Simplicity of design and ease of use: supported across the pool by aluminium battens that are secured into the PVC cover, one end is anchored into place with removable anchor bolts. The opposite end has corresponding ratchets which allow the cover to be tightened.
  • Tamper proof: the lockable strapping system makes it difficult for a small child to tamper with or attempt to release the cover.
  • Drainage system: a common drawback with first generation PVC covers is that rain or sprinkler water can collect on top of a PVC pool cover, forming a small pool that curious toddlers may be tempted to play in. Our second generation Child & Pet Safety Cover features drainage holes to eliminate these pools forming on top of the cover.
  • Durable: made from 550-600 gsm PVC, aluminium battens and industrial strength stainless steel ratchets.The Child & Pet Safety Cover also allows for less time and money spent on pool upkeep, and is a savvy solution for closing a pool in winter months, requiring little effort to get the pool swim-ready after an extended period.
  • Absolute safety: the Child & Pet Safety Cover withstands the weight of two adults and a child (175kg).
  • Power savings: covered water requires less filtering and backwashing, which amounts to significant power savings. In an average domestic pool, the pool pump consumes 12% of the household's electricity. Child & Pet Safety Covers reduces this to 6%.
  • Water savings: reduced evaporation losses (98%+) means less water input to maintain optimum levels.
  • Chemical savings: under a solid cover, algae growth is reduced, allowing for less chemical input without compromising water hygiene.
  • Reduced debris contamination: this cover prevents dirt and debris entering the water. Water aesthetics and hygiene are greatly improved.